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Awake Your Passion With Intimacy & Joy

  • Awake Your Passion

    Adult Toys To Return Passion & Joy into Your Life

  • Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys

    Make the Movie Reality

  • Bring the Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship

    Spice Up & Bring Back the Joy in Sex With Your Partner

  • Stuck in a Boring Sexual Rut?

    Change Can Be A Good Thing

Under the Covers is a US based company offering low cost high quality sex toys and adult entertainment that will spice up the bedroom or wherever the mood hits.  After the media was given the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy it opened the eyes of many out there they no longer saw these adult sex toys as vulgar but as something that can truly bring change, passion, intimacy and joy into your sexual relationship.


Under the Covers uses trusted suppliers both overseas and in the USA to offer top quality sex toys that fit exactly what you need and desire.  

The ultimate goal of Under the Covers is to do exactly what our slogan says "Awake Your Passion." Too many times a sexual relationship can hit a rut that can end up potentially making your relationship falter. We want to bring back the excitement and romance into the bedroom and help you find that feeling like it was the first time.


Sex toys are more than just a change, they can increase libido and give you a fresh mental outlook on life.  Under The Covers wants all of our clients to see the joy that life can provide on an every day basis.